This week we’ve witnessed reports that highlight the scope of mobile ecommerce. Following Marketwatch‘s April report that 55% of shoppers now buy on their smartphones, August is now seeing new predictions that mobile ecommerce transactions are to hit £468bn by 2017.

Whilst ebay and Amazon are top of the list of mobile shopping apps, smaller ecommerce retailers in particular can find the journey into mobile commerce daunting. But contrary to what you might think taking your website mobile can be fast, user friendly and cost-effective. We’ve developed products designed to do exactly that and your business could benefit. Here’s how…

Maximise your reach with Locayta M-Commerce

If you’re looking for a quick simple solution to drive mobile conversions and sales then Locayta M-Commerce could be just right for you. An extension of our plug and play third party advertising module Locayta Shop Window, M-Commerce is a highly customisable click to buy iphone app. It allows users to browse and buy from your site whenever and wherever they choose.

By indexing and storing your product data independently from your main site M-Commerce recreates your website in a mobile format without any changes to your core platform. The app queries your product data as shoppers search, then when they choose to buy they are transferred directly to your site to complete their purchase.

The app is highly customisable and can adapt to your templates and landing pages for brand consistency. You can easily configure its performance via a user control panel – enabling you to change product listings, prices and more at a moment’s notice. What’s more, the app supports all the features offered within the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® suite, enabling you to develop the mobile shopping experience to as sophisticated a level as you choose.


Enhance searching on the go with Locayta Search Mobile

Delivering advanced search performance on mobile platforms can be a challenge for developers. That’s why we’ve developed Locayta Search Mobile. This is a powerful search engine available for Apple iOS which translates all of the advanced features of Locayta’s Intelligent Search to a mobile context.

You can deploy the technology to support applications with pre-loaded data – or allow the user to create locally searchable data of their choosing. What makes the technology really significant, though, is its use of Locayta’s ground breaking technology that learns as the user searches and features clever Auto-Complete and Spell Correction functions based on the live search content rather than a separate dictionary database.

The technology is cost-effective too. It’s available free for development – then can be used gratis for non-commercial purposes, or licensed for a one-off fee of $1,000. Check out the comprehensive search feature set to appreciate just what Locayta Search Mobile can do.

These are just two examples of Locayta’s vast range of products and features that can transform internet retailing from a clumsy manual process to an intelligent dynamic experience. If you’re interested in exploring more of what Locayta can offer view the full Freestyle Merchandising portfolio or contact us for a free demo.

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