Today, we’re going to be looking at the general advantages of using Locayta® and get to the bottom of why clients such as Boohoo, Tesco and Superdry have turned to them to solve their online merchandising problems. We’ll also be addressing the benefits of the platform compared to traditional online merchandising solutions.

Why Locayta?

Locayta® prides itself in providing the next generation in technically advanced eCommerce search and merchandising, giving their clients the opportunity to take control over their own sales performance, all through their Freestyle Merchandising® platform.

Benefits include…

– Integration; Locayta’s merchandising platform operates as an integrated tool working with your website to manipulate various facets within one single control panel. This spans several areas including Visual Merchandising, Product Recommendations and eCommerce Search. Such deep integration not only cuts out the expense of employing third parties, but it also means you can control the many areas of your online merchandising to work together to optimise results.

– Flexibility; Locayta work on a Software as a Service model, which means they are committed to working out tailored solutions for each client’s ever changing needs. This works on a highly flexible pricing model which accommodates all business of all sizes, within which charges can be at a fixed correlation to increased revenue to the client themselves. Amongst such flexibility, Locayta provide continuous professional support throughout allowing clients to pick and choose which layer of functionality works for them.

– Functionality; The in-house Locayta development team are consistently researching and programming new and innovative technologies to ensure they are providing the best features and functionality for their clients. Beyond this, the Locayta team will develop customised solutions for each client to meet their objectives, whether this is increasing purchase probability, actual sales, click through rates or average basket values. This functionality configuration dictated by the client gives the likes of boohoo, Superdry and Tesco total control over their online sales performance.

– Delivery; Being the most technologically advanced around, Locayta’s technology delivers, with greater speed, accuracy and tailored results for clients. With proven immediate sales performance results of up to 30%, Freestyle Merchandising has seen a positive impact in conversion rates, average order values, average revenue per visit, higher retention rates, increased customer satisfaction and reduced clicks to purchase.

Like  BoohooTesco and Superdry, would you like to see your online sales soar? To see Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® in action visit today.