One of the major in built problems with online merchandising is that no sooner have you updated and configured all your technologies to deliver optimum results, thhen a new revolutionary solution comes out and you require a new system all together. But, when it comes to your online search, Locayta® have it covered. They have developed an eCommerce search that learns, requiring no update overhauls, but just keeps on getting better and better. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out more.


Passionate about search, Locayta® believe thatmost sites are served poorly with their in-house search functionality. With clients including Boohoo and Tesco, Locayta® provide in house search solutions for some of the largest websites online. Locayta eCommerce search comes part of the full Freestyle Merchandising® platform and can be integrated with the many services on offer from their single merchandising platform.


Uniquely, Locayta eCommerce search constantly learns from what customers are searching for; in this way it consistently develops and programmes it’s own search results in accordance to what works well for your customers. Learning from this, the search dynamically updates its results to deliver optimum options to significantly increase purchase probability.

This dynamic learn-ability spreads across many of the Locayta eCommerce search facets including some of the most advanced features around. This includes an Intelligent Navigation, which presents results within a “Guided Navigation” pre-determined by you or generated dynamically learning from user behaviour, Auto-complete, Spell Correction, Balance Factor®, which manipulates the ordering of your search results to achieve business objectives set by you, or dynamically learnt from user behaviour, Cross Sellling, SEO Page Builder and Locayta Search Mobile.


Catherine Turner, eCommerce Manager at Boohoo, currently employs Locayta eCommerce search “Locayta has many automated response functions that can update search results, categories and recommendations – and that’s incredibly useful. But when a new buzz hits the catwalk it’s vital for us to be able to adapt our visual displays and search criteria at a moment’s notice. We can tie our categories and sequencing into a wide variety of trends, colour stories, collections, and special promotions in line with the latest media coverage. For Boohoo it’s all about delivering fast, relevant product placement as well as detailed category and search functionality“.

Amongst the many services available from LocaytaLocayta Search comes fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see it in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.