During Britain’s global exposure this Summer the British Museum Company has used clever online merchandising to maximise ecommerce revenue from London 2012 and the Diamond Jubilee. Read on to find out how…

The Paralympics are poised to begin – but the surrounding hype hasn’t detracted from debate following London 2012 about the benefits for businesses. Although Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says we’ll see a £10m tourism funding boost by the end of this decade, many retailers in the capital claim they haven’t seen any benefit on the high street yet.

Indeed, London retailers have reported a drop of between 10% and 50% in trade whilst the Olympics were in full swing. One of Locayta’s clients, the British Museum Company, have faced just that challenge – with reports that New York cultural centres welcomed 100,000 more visitors than the British Museum during the greatest show on Earth.

Not to be deterred, the British Museum Company have capitalised on the global online retailing opportunity, using Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® as their tool of choice to get the job done.

Tap into the mood with responsive visual merchandising












Although central London may not have enjoyed its usual footfall, in virtual terms the eyes of the world have been on us. The British Museum Company have cleverly picked up on this with their London Collection. Matching merchandise with seasonal occasions is always a good idea – but it can be difficult to respond instantly to opportunities if your ecommerce technology isn’t up to the job.

Locayta Visual Merchandising offers a sophisticated solution. The visual merchandising module offers a comprehensive range of features covering behavioural, metrics and search driven displays. But when you need to change your online shop window and change it fast, the ability to jump in and create compelling new product placements can be a really useful quick win.







It’s one that another Locayta client, boohoo.com, particularly value, since it enables them to instantly update collections to tie in with the latest fashion news. Check out the full visual merchandising software suite here.








Boosting Olympic sales with powerful product recommendations

At the beginning of this year the British Museum Company worked with Locayta to re-skin their site and make the most of product recommendations across both the shop and the Museum’s site. When shoppers are all fired up over an iconic event like the Olympics this is a really neat piece of kit.

Not only can Locayta Product Recommendations track  user behaviour and make accurate, personal recommendation accordingly – it can also be tailored to push your occasion led products. Behind the scenes Locayta Balance Factor® assesses your own configuration of which products matter most to your profit margins at that time. It then ensures they are balanced with search behaviour to optimise product listings. No other ecommerce technology offers this functionality. It’s unique to Locayta. Take a closer look.


Ecommerce search: make it quick, make it easy

Especially when there’s a high profile event going on shoppers are likely to want to find specific products while they’re hot. But clumsy, mechanic searches that deliver generic results will only do one thing – and that’s to drive your customers elsewhere.

Locayta Intelligent Navigation eliminates the problem. An advanced set of features include the ability to configure and refine your search categories to make them more relevant, as well as ground breaking auto-complete and spell correction analysis that removes the constraints of old fashioned dictionary databases. Our search technology is a big favourite amongst flagship clients including Tesco Clothing, Prezzybox and urban fashion icons Superdry.

Contrary to what you might think you don’t have to be a multi-national to enjoy this kind of technology. Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is available online, can sit on top of your own platform with no changes to your main site, and is priced to guarantee a return on investment. Our clients report consistent and considerable increases in conversions, average order values and sales when they implement Locayta. You could too. Just get in touch to find out how.

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