As we all know, one of the most effective ways of increasing the performance of an online retail site is to increase the amount of traffic and visitors it receives. A higher volume of visitors, means a higher proportion of conversions, which means a higher volume of sales. If you’d like to apply this logic to your online website and increase your traffic numbers, read on to find out how Locayta can help you.

Locayta’s SEO Page Builder

Locayta’s SEO page builder dynamically creates SEO optimised pages which in turn increases the traffic to your site. With their uniquely developed technology, Locayta turn internal site searches into highly focused and relevant SEO pages on your site. This dramatically increases the volume of relevant organic search pages to your website and saves the time consuming task of optimising pages within your website manually.

The details…

If regular searches occur within your retail site, Locayta’s SEO page builder can really benefit you and the performance of your retail site. Upon each and every site search, Locayta dynamically create a new page which contains the search query, the search results, along with the most relevant related terms produced from within the search results-set. The resulting pages are presented to online search engines, such as Google, for indexing within their searches.

These new SEO pages are optimised for the Internet search engines, due to the fact that they contain only the most relevant terms that Locayta has extracted from within the results-set in relation to the search query. This provides the most effective, productive and result-achieving  method of creating detailed SEO-friendly pages, which are dictated by your customers, that will increase the organic search traffic to your site.

What’s next?

As the ever more important nature of SEO, search engines and online presence. more and more the retail market are starting to see the potential to achieve huge increases in additional online sales revenue through SEO Page Builder. If you want to be one of the first off the mark, contact Locayta today.