We all know that with the new mass availability and exposure to the online world, our entire shopping experience has changed. Whether we’re on the go, at work or out with friends, we expect instant access to what we want and where we want it with no exception. A great example of this is mobile search; whilst most smart phones come with a standard search, the ability to implement a smarter more advanced search, including outsourced sinking as well as the ability to integrate the search for any given app, within the mobile space is no mean feat. Cue Locayta.


Locayta Notes

Locayta Notes is a free app for the iOS platform, which uses the same principals as Locayta Search Mobile (see below).  It’s the perfect example of how Locayta Search can be applied successfully within the mobile space. Locayta Notes works for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and with embedded full text search of all notes, it is Dropbox enabled, so users can synch their notes across all their devices and computers using their Dropbox account. Locayta Notes is the only existing app for offering enabled search and syncing of notes functionality, and helps users receive the fast and accurate results they’re looking for when searching your data.

Download the app and try out the search for yourself >>

Locayta Search Mobile

Locayta Search Mobile is the theory behind the functionality discussed above. With Locayta Search Mobile, the highly advanced search technology which is designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch market, is applicable to the development and production of any app. This solves the problem many eCommerce practioners are facing in being able to support their customers in what they are looking for.

The search engine provides full text search using a probabilistic model of document terms, along with clever features to improve search success such as automatic word stemming and spell correction based on what’s in your content rather than a predefined dictionary. If you’re keen to get your business mobile and want to include a superb search as part of that, Locayta Search Mobile is for you.

The next steps…

The many services available from Locayta discussed today come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform, including Locayta Notes, Locayta Search Mobile and Locayta Search. To see them in action and to find out more about how you can get your business mobile with the help of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, visit www.locayta.com.