So they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but they say nothing about judging a book by who’s reading it. Yes, day in day out we all get influenced by those around us, what they’re reading, their latest purchase and what their wearing; basically their general consumption on all levels. So if you’re considering investing in your eCommerce business, it makes perfect sense to lead by example. So what sort of names might we be looking for in search of inspiration from big eCommerce players and roaring online retail success stories? The likes of Tesco, and have reported staggering year on year growth figures in relation to their online offer. Check out how some of them are doing it below, with the help of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising.

Britain’s biggest retail chain , Tesco, were one of the first pioneers into the eCommerce world 11 years ago and now they’re reporting a massive 15% in growth following 2011. So how are they doing it? Tesco turned to Locayta Freestyle Merchandising to improve the performance of their clothing section using both Locyata Product Recommendations as well as Accessory Recommendations. These track and analyse the behaviour of the Tesco shopper including searches, adds to basket and purchases. This in depth information enables Locayta to generate highly relevant and personalised product recommendations during the user journey, made in real time for a fast, efficient and revenue generating service.

Named as one of the top ten online retailers in the UK, are the perfect online success story. With the launch of a new website, the fashion retailer turned to Locayta for support with their site search and merchandising solutions. Locayta have helped provide highly personalised merchandising services to their customer through behavioural merchandising and recommendations, as well as a super efficient search engine implemented via their Guided Navigation.

Expanding into Europe online is no mean feat and urban clothing brand Superdry have managed to storm the international fashion world with online sales generated in more than 30 countries world wide. A real challenge for the brand was translating that intelligent and inspiring search and merchandising functionality internationally. They made use of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising to enhance product displays using Locayta Balance Factor weighting; this was to their own benefit as well as the customers, with the ability to manipulate metrics such as stock levels, newness, popularity and profit margins, to their own gain

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