Market leader in e-commerce technology Magento is enjoying significant growth during Autumn 2012. In September reports were published confirming that Magento is enjoying a 31.4% market share across all versions of the platform, with an impressive 125,000 businesses worldwide choosing the provider to power their e-commerce sites.

That’s no surprise given Magento’s reputation for it’s open source intuitive software that performs to a highly flexible level. Now, as an official partner of Magento, Locayta is pushing the platform’s boundaries with a newly launched, fully compatible version of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® available to plug straight into your Magento system.

How can Locayta enhance my Magento site?

If you’re running on Magento you’ll already know just how powerful, adaptable and intelligent the platform is. Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is specifically designed to complement that functionality with tried and tested business-boosting tools. Check out this video to get a feel for what that could mean for your business.

Accessible as a fully prepared Magento extension, Freestyle Merchandising gives you an unprecedented ability to deliver compelling product recommendations, powerful visual merchandising and intelligent e-commerce search for a slick, seamless user experience. The system has been proven time and again to dramatically increase conversions, basket values and customer retention for clients like, Superdry, Tesco Clothing and many more.

What makes Locayta different from other e-commerce technology?

For years e-commerce retailers have struggled with the question of how to truly capture and respond to every customer’s individual profile and preferences. The thinking is there – with retail gurus as respected as Tesco’s Philip Clarke and House of Fraser’s Andy Harding recently highlighting the importance of emotional engagement in the online space. But the technology hasn’t kept up.

Many search, recommendation and merchandising engines are only accessible separately and are limited in their ability to analyse and respond to user behaviour. It’s one of the key reasons behind the still disappointing conversion rates typically achieved in internet retailing.

Freestyle Merchandising gives e-commerce merchants a new ability to re-create the emotional engagement of high street shopping via one simple dashboard. Even as your visitors search and select Freestyle Merchandising is collating and analysing their behaviour and choices, and presenting optimised results in real time.

This applies across every function including site search featuring powerful spell correction and auto-complete technology, visual merchandising that’s easy to manipulate manually or automatically, and product and accessory recommendations that show your visitors exactly what’s relevant to them.

What is the value added for my e-commerce business?

Freestyle Merchandising is the only SaaS engine available that controls all of these retailing strategies within a single system. Not only is the technology proven to increase conversion rates by an average of 19%, it also dramatically cuts man hours and administrative time behind the scenes thanks to it’s ability to perform automatically according to your configuration.

The system also performs on multi-channel outlets including smartphones and tablets and offers a huge variety of add-ons and specific functions that let you get really clever with your online retailing strategy. Plus our unique technology Balance Factor® actually allows you set your own business priorities behind the scenes (stock levels, popularity, clearance lines, profitability) whenever you choose. That means that whatever your customers are looking for, not only will they see the results most likely to tempt them to buy, they’ll also see the products you need them to see to maximise your profit margins and manage your stock flow.

What’s involved in integrating Freestyle Merchandising with Magento?

As an official Magento partner Locayta have previously developed a number of compatible extensions – but now we’ve made it so much easier to immediately benefit from the real impact of Freestyle Merchandising. You can now access every function of Freestyle Merchandising as a pre-packed, ready-to-go plugin that can be integrated into your Magento site. You literally just download, configure and go!

Our approved status with Magento means that you be sure of fully compatible technology, automatic upgrade applications and all the support you need. So if you’re a Magento devotee looking for real revenue growth take a tip from our clients. Contact us today to explore what our Magento specific software can achieve for your business.

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