Exciting news greets us this week – Locayta have been nominated and short-listed as Retail System’s Online Technology Vendor of the Year! Retail Systems is the leading technology title for the UK retail sector at the moment, and they really know their stuff when it comes to seeding out the weak from the chaff within the online retail space.

The award, presentation of which takes place on 24th October 2012 in London, recognises an online technology vendor who has excelled in its field, implementing innovative technology into retail organisations over the last twelve months. The judges were looking to see how the company’s technologies have led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of a retailer’s operations.

Why Locayta?

In an industry where 98% of site visits end without a purchase, there has been an urgent need to develop eCommerce technologies that provide intuitive, enticing and tempting shopping experiences within the online retail sector. So how have Locayta filled this much needed space in the market?

A brand new approach to the practical functionalities of eCommerce was the only answer, and Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® did just that. The technology enables retailers to have a highly powerful element of control within their online merchandising, providing personal online user experiences that have proven to increase essential bottom line numbers including conversion rates and average order values for their highly successful clients including Superdry, boohoo.com and Tesco.

With a flexible pricing model based upon a Software as a Service basis, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® involves simple and easy to integrate plug ins, making them effective in terms of time, resource and financials. Locayta are known for their close knit, adaptable and ever improving client relationships developing tailored solutions from client to client. The unique offering which provides retailers with the ability to configure and control all aspects of their visual merchandising, product recommendations, search and navigation functionality all from one platform, the technology enables retailers to refine and streamline their e-commerce strategy with outstanding results.

Wish us luck!

With the awards only a few weeks away, we’ve got high hopes for the upcoming awards. For more information on the event, or on attending check out the Retail System’s site here. For more information on the soon-to-be award winning services available at Locayta, visit our website here. Wish us luck!