In online retailing – just as in any retailing – customer data is vital. That’s not some kind of closely guarded secret. It only takes common sense to see that the profile, preferences and spending levels of your customers should be informing your retailing strategy. Yet all too often valuable customer information can end up gathering dust on a shelf rather than working hard to boost your profits.











Especially in the digital space where purchasing decisions are fast and furious, the ability to tailor your offer to what you know about your customers is a powerful tool to have in your merchandising armoury. But most e-commerce engines aren’t geared up to deliver that kind of intelligent response. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated that just a standard database listing on your search results, category pages and online shop windows, then read on.

How can customer data be used in e-commerce?

As e-commerce becomes more sophisticated consumer expectations of online performance are increasingly high. Sites that don’t deliver exactly the right search results are sure to end in abandoned carts and lost customers. There are 3 key areas where your customer data – whether gathered on or offline – can influence customers to make that all important positive decision:

Search that learns:

When a customer searches for a pair of red shoes the results might seem obvious. But think a little more closely about what you know about that customer. Are they a budget spender or do they tend towards high value products? What kinds of shoes have they previously searched for – Formal? Casual? Leather? Flat? When they previously searched for shoes what else did they add to their basket? Do they tend to respond to special offers? What’s their usual shipment preference?


All of this information combined will deliver results that are far more likely to hit the right note for that individual. But how does your site translate that information into the right listings? The truth is that most e-commerce engines just don’t have this level of sophistication. They simply reply on the product database to inform which products are presented when.





Try plugging in Locayta Freestyle Merchandising. Not only can you integrate any data you hold on previous customers into the system, you can also implement search functionality that actually learns from individual as well as group behaviour as it happens. In this way you can ensure that each customer sees the products that fit their profile most closely, but you can also understand group trends and ensure that your product listings are adjusted to fit what’s hottest in your marketplace right now.








Almost every e-commerce site carries display advertising in the form of banners, special offers and promotional messages. But how do you know that your ads are hitting the spot for every user and not just some?

After all, if you’re dealing with a male shopper looking for suits on a fashion site then advertising the latest deals on cocktail dresses is hardly going to hit the spot. But what if you could change the ads you carry according to exactly who’s looking at that page at that time?

With Freestyle Merchandising you can. The display advertising module is easy to configure so that your category and search results pages can present a different ad, banner or message of your choosing according to information you hold about that customer as well as their real time behaviour on the site. The results is a highly personalised ad campaign that will enhance your merchandising messages at an individual level.

It’s fast and simple to upload your ads and messages and configure how they should respond – just a couple of minutes of simple parameter setting behind the scenes and you’re ready to go with a whole new targeted campaign!


We all know how important product recommendations are to driving conversions and basket values. If you’re not savvy about your recommendation strategy you’ll miss out. The last thing you want to do is to display budget recommendations to a customer whom you know to favour high value purchases – that can only lose you profit. The same might apply to clothes – if a customer searching for jackets has a history of choosing designer brand products then suggesting a budget alternative isn’t going to do their experience or your revenue any good at all.

Locayta Product Recommendations solves this issue by responding to the parameters you set, the customer data you hold and evolving information about your users’ live search and selection activities. The technology collates and analyses all this information and selects the products that will best match your customer’s profile, preferences, budget and past and present behaviour. You’ll enjoy increased conversions, growing loyalty amongst customers who feel they’re experiencing  a superior service, and ultimately increased average order values to drive your profits.

These are just 3 of the ways in which Freestyle Merchandising can match your products with what you know about your customers. If you want to find out more you can view our full technology suite here. Or just give us a call to find out how a cost-effective investment could take your e-commerce business to an entire new level of profitability.