Whilst there are many advantages to Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, there are none more important, impactful or beneficial than the economically time-saving properties of the feature set. The technologies, which serve to increase bottom line numbers, such as conversion rates and basket order values, provide an enhanced user experience at the same time as cutting down time wise on existing and more traditional merchandising solutions. It’s all about making your website work for you, in a way that works for you. Want to find out how? Keep reading.

Cutting man hours – How?

Locayta’s technologies, developed by the team in house, are advanced in providing a variety of automated features which work to help retailers manage their day to day workings online in a more efficient, time saving and economically viable way. We’ve outlined a few of these below…

– Uniquely, unlike many other merchandising solutions, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® works as an integrated marketing tool within your platform, operating from one single control panel. This not only reduces the need to outsource to third parties, incurring costs in terms of both time and money, but it also delivers increased operational control, accuracy and efficiency.

Locayta Balance Factor® technology is behind many of the time saving effects of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®. Exclusively available at Locayta, the Balance Factor® functionality allows retailers to pre-determine the exact sequence of products within pages on site; this spans both search results pages and category pages, giving utmost control. This works by combining several different metrics selected by the retailer, such as popularity, price, margin, newness to site and stock availability, to dynamically generate the sequence of products on category pages. The ability to select these pre-determined “Balance Factors” is a huge time saving method, whilst gaining optimum results, compared to traditional manual actions.

– Many merchandising solutions include product recommendation functionality, but the ability to generate such relevant, personalised and tailored recommendations dynamically is unique to Locayta. Locayta Product Recommendations are generated in real time using behavioural merchandising algorithms making use of the intelligence gathered on the actions made on site, to make relevant and personal suggestions. Once configured, the recommendations occur automatically and are updated in real time taking into consideration data such as viewing, adding to basket and purchasing, to make product recommendations.

– SEO is undeniably a huge element to any online retail business, and succeeding within this area can be a case of make or break. Because of this, Locayta have developed an SEO page builder, which dynamically creates SEO friendly pages to increase the traffic to your site. Using keyed in search terms that occur on site, Locayta dynamically creates a new page containing the search query, the search results and the most relevant related terms discovered from within the search results-set. The resulting pages are presented to the Internet search engines for indexing.

Moving forward…

Whether it’s the one single control panel, Locayta Balance Factor, Locayta Product Recommendations or SEO that is taking up the most hours in your business, it’s guaranteed that Locayta can help make economical cuts in those areas. Want to see it in action? Contact Locayta about a FREE DEMO today.