In our experience many retailers who are new to ecommerce don’t fully appreciate the potential to achieve sophisticated online merchandising techniques. Although basic ecommerce engines are confined in their ability to adapt to consumer demand, even a  standard site can perform to a whole new level if you plug in Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®.

This patented technology revolutionise your ability to increase conversions and basket values without breaking the bank or costing precious man hours. It’s so powerful that we’ve just been shortlisted as 2012 finalists in the Retail Systems Awards in recognition of the amazing business results we’ve achieved for clients including Tesco Clothing and


When you’re looking to install and configure Freestyle Merchandising it’s well worth putting some time into thinking about your merchandising strategy so that we can deliver exactly the results you’re looking for. You might wonder what kind of time commitment and input will be involved. Here’s our brief guide to the key issues to plan for when you’re moving into serious ecommerce merchandising.

Define your ecommerce business goals

This might seem obvious, but you should put as much thought into your online merchandising as you would into a bricks and mortar store. This might include analysing past successes, trends and popular lines as well as considering logistical issues such as the impact of operational costs on individual lines. You may also need to address questions such as managing brand adjacency, responding to seasonal opportunities, or compensating for quiet periods with special offers or clearance stock.


If you come to us with an already honed business plan we’ll thoroughly review it and offer strategic advice as to how our technology can be configured to achieve your ambitions. But if you haven’t gone down this road and you need a little more help, we’re happy to jump in and use our comprehensive experience to help you define which merchandising techniques will work best for you – and deliver them in a way that no other technology can.

Plan, understand and configure your data

In our experience one of the biggest impediments to a really successful merchandising strategy is the integration of product and customer data into your new site. If you get this right from the beginning you’ll massively enhance Freestyle Merchandising’s ability to make real time judgements about the best products to display to each customer.

There’s no getting away from the fact that data preparation and analysis can be a headache. That’s why our technical experts will be standing by to help you convert and integrate the information you hold on your products, who is buying them and why – so that Freestyle Merchandising can turn that information into a healthy conversion rate. But we can take it further than that. Via Balance Factor® we can also help you define your internal priorities (such as pushing high profit or clearance line products) and configure these so that Freestyle Merchandising responds accordingly to display the right results.

Think about the human factor

Your customers aren’t machines – so it follows that if your website responds to their individual behaviour they’ll experience a better and more efficient service. A good example of this is colloquial language in searches. Trousers are trousers in the UK, but they’re more commonly pants in the US. One shopper might look for a notebook – another might search for a notepad. Freestyle Merchandising  allows you to analyse and predict synonyms and ensure that search results pick up any alternatives that customers might use

Here’s another scenario.  You might be running a campaign based on Christmas party clothing. But a man searching for a tuxedo is unlikely to be interested in a little black dress – and vice versa. If your display ads and promotions actually change according to who’s viewing them to show them the right message, that’s a pretty clever trick to have at your disposal.


There are thousands of scenarios in which human behaviour might affect how and why customers search, what promotions they respond to, and what purchasing decisions they reach. With many years’ ecommerce experience behind us and constant client feedback pushing new innovations, the chances are we’ve got a tool in our repertoire to deal with every single one of them, and we can help you apply just the right strategy for your unique venture.

Choose technology that will grow with your business

When you choose Locayta we’ll work closely with you to analyse exactly how your customers might behave and make sure you’re geared up with the elements of Freestyle Merchandising you need to respond accurately. It’s not just about plugging you in and leaving you to it. We’re committed to growing with our clients to ensure that as ecommerce becomes ever more sophisticated, so too do our merchandising support strategies.

So if you’re looking for an ecommerce service that’s about more than simply listing products online then talk to us. We’ll define a package that’s aligned to your specific business targets, make sure you cover all the bases in your planning, and stand by you every step of the way to help you profits grow.