When it comes to expanding your online offering, once you’ve reached a certain point, the next sensible steps lead to exploring new markets and tapping into previously undiscovered areas of possibility. More often than not, this means entering unfamiliar territories including launching into new economies internationally, expanding into different language speaking countries and areas where certain elements of your product offering is unique and exclusive. So how do businesses make such a careful, fragile and significant transition? Keep reading for a real life Locayta client case study and some vital information for online retail owners considering this transition.

The problem…

The interim period during the process of launching your online offering into new markets can be a tricky one. You may want to launch your product offering into a new economy such as Japan or the United States, but aren’t quite at the stage of investing in an entirely new site. Locayta Freestyle Merchandising goes to such lengths in order to help solve this problem and work to bridge the gap for the transition between the two.

The Solution…

There are various online merchandising tools which work to bridge this gap and facilitate the necessary transition to help merchants grow, expand and develop their online business. These include Synonym Searching and Product Prioritisation.

Synonym Searching:

Locayta use synonyms to solve any discrepancies between the lexicon  of the user and that employed within the data. An example might be, a user might search for xmas gifts, while the product data describes products as a great present for Christmas. The usual spelling correction would not be able to correct xmas to christmas or gifts to presents,  however the synnonyms allow your users to find more relevant results, despite not knowing how the terms are phrased in the product data. Synonyms are the easiest way to solve low result searches, and especially moving into new language markets, can make the difference in terms of sales and establishing an audience, during initial launch.

Product Prioritisation:

Locayta’s technology also allows you, the retailer, to manipulate the ordering of products within both category pages and search results. The functionality, called Locayta Balance Factor, combines metrics selected by you, to dynamically generate the sequence of products on your site. If you are newly launching into a country where certain elements of your product offering are unique and exclusive to you, this technology allows you to highlight this on an automated basis, rather than manual input. This makes the difference in terms of identifying yourself within a new market and standing out from the crowd to your customers.

Case Study

A key challenge for clothing brand Superdry.com, has been to create intelligent, inspiring search and merchandising functionality on a multi-lingual platform across seven international sites. This is what they had to say…

“We were impressed by Locayta’s unique ability to achieve fully automated visual merchandising and fast multi-lingual search results no matter what the geographical location. We felt they were head and shoulders above the rest. Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools to control our search and merchandising. Their technology delivers the same high grade performance regardless of which country the site is operating in. We have experienced some real wins – our merchandising is much more effective and easy to manage, plus the system has undoubtedly driven revenue. The ability to maintain superior search and category performance on a totally multi-lingual basis has generated phenomenal, if not unprecedented success for us. Our international e-commerce strategy has experienced four figure growth. We’re now aiming to roll out Freestyle Merchandising to eight further international sites in the next few months.”

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