Within the online merchandising arena, it is commonly acknowledged that special offers, one off promotions and deals are a real sales, revenue and conversion rate driver. Ensuring your promotions are reaching their full potential is less straight forward. Whilst the usual practices of pushing special offers across your platform do see a positive impact upon sales, such as homepage graphics, display advertising and email marketing, with more intelligent, unique and dynamic merchandising tools, the performance of your special offers can sky rocket beyond your expectations. Keep reading to see how Locayta‘s technology does just this across their expansive portfolio of clients.

The right tools for the job…

Target your customers:

Many retailers make use of behavioural targeting on a small scale, but when it comes to pushing those one off promotions that really deserve a high amount of visibility, it’s never been more important to target those likely to respond. Locayta’s Behavioural Targeting technology goes above and beyond usual practices to do just this, enabling you to re-engage with your users with those special offers, generating higher conversion rates and overall lowering acquisition costs. Locayta’s unique algorithms review user’s previous intentions on site, and makes recommendations using those special offers, and converting to sale.

Seize every opportunity:

Using the aforementioned Behavioural Targeting, one of Locayta’s specialties lie with Product Recomendations as well as Display Advertising. Analysing user behaviour, the technology places highly likely purchase considerations and special offer promotions in both advertising display slots on site, from banners, to skys and MPU’s, as well as in product recomendation slots. Not only can this be enhanced during the time periods of sale and promotions, but the display of your special offers can be scheduled for different times of day and periods of high volume special offers.

Maximise the potential of search:

The ability to up-sell within the search functionality of your website is massive. With Locayta Search, sales, discounts and special offers can be seeded throughout search results page; the product description page; add to basket and check-out.

A client testimony…

For Prezzybox, when it comes to specific promotions, Locayta has delivered results beyond expectations. “It’s been a revelation,” says Edwards. “We have total control. We use Locayta’s Balance Factor technology to adjust the weighting of search and category results, meaning that as well as responding to user behaviour we can add our own stock control and promotional strategies into the mix. We have the ability to create filter criteria to match seasonal promotions, gift categories and internal variables. Most crucially, because every decision we make can be applied automatically across every category we’ve eliminated any margin for error and ensured that our customers experience accurate results every time. It’s no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using Locayta.

Get involved…

Amongst the many services available from Locayta, Locayta SearchBehavioural TargetingProduct Recomendations and Display Advertising come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see it in action and find out more on how you can maximise your special offers with Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, visit www.locayta.com today.