Ecommerce merchants haven’t been slow to cotton on to the value of affiliate marketing in the past few years. It’s become widely recognised as a low cost and low risk method of generating site traffic in the hope of increasing conversions and ultimately driving sales revenue. But especially for smaller merchants a website can fall down when it comes to handling merchandising and category displays that match the needs of users driven by different affiliate incentives.

Naturally when you’re working with affiliates you enjoy the benefits of their established knowledge of their own market segments. It makes no sense to lose out on the opportunity to target your products accordingly just because your ecommerce site isn’t up to the job.

A simply, cost-effective and potentially profitable solution comes in the form of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®. Not only can our technology enhance search, merchandising and recommendation functionality across your site, it can also add value to any affiliate campaign you’re running by intelligently responding to the recommendation’s source and adapting your site’s behaviour accordingly.

Adjusting your product displays to the affiliate brand

When a user hits your site as the result of an affiliate driven referral you have the benefit of already being able to predict their preferences. This isn’t rocket science. After all, if you’re managing your relationship with your affiliates correctly you’ll have a sound knowledge of their market profile, their differentiators and what attracts their customers.

If you’re clever about this then you’ll want to adapt your own visual merchandising displays and categories accordingly – but of course you can’t do that manually unless you have the capacity to manage your site 24 hours a day. But if you’ve plugged Freestyle Merchandising into your system the whole process can be automated.

All you need to do is log in to your Locayta control panel (which can be easily integrated with your own site platform) and configure details of your affiliates and how to recognise referrals from them. You can the define product groups by any criteria you wish (e.g. by a certain price bracket for a high value affiliate brand) and instruct the system to display these products to your affiliate generated visitors. It follows that you’re much more likely to achieve a healthy conversion rate using this personalised technique than by simply displaying products in database order.

Deploying display advertising to maximise affiliate marketing benefits

Consider this scenario. You have negotiated an affiliate deal with a well-known high street brand. They’re generating healthy redirections to your website – but your site is also currently carrying display advertising for one of their rival brands with whom you’re also collaborating. You’re taking some big risks here – not just loss of goodwill but also potential loss of custom as your unaligned strategy confuses visitors.

No problem. Locayta Display Advertising can be quickly configured to carry multiple ads of your choosing and, more importantly, to actually change those ads in real time according to the affiliate driven visit (usually tracked by a voucher code or specific URL).

In this way you can ensure that when a visitor hits your site our technology analyses whether there is an affiliate involved, which affiliate it is, and will then meet your visitor with advertising incentives that relate to the relevant brand and products for that affiliate. No nasty surprises, no awkward conversations with affiliates – and most importantly a coherent strategy that has been proven to increase sales by up to 19% for our clients.

Taking your affiliate marketing mobile

Recent affiliate marketing statistics have shown a significant increase in mobile search and purchase traffic generated by the technique – but you might not yet be fully geared up to deliver a multi-channel strategy. That means you could lose out as the trend continues to rise and rise.

Locayta M-Commerce is a click-to-buy solution that allows you to deploy a feature rich version of your site specifically for mobile shoppers. Users can browse and buy on their mobiles via an indexed version of your full site – and are then quickly and conveniently redirected to your site to complete the transaction.

What’s more, M-Commerce supports the entire Freestyle Merchandising features set including the affiliate enhancing tools we’ve discussed above. It’s a fast, user friendly and risk free strategy to enhance the benefits of affiliate marketing amongst mobile shoppers without having to make complex or costly changes to your own site.

There are so many ways in which Freestyle Merchandising can boost conversion rates, increase order values and enhance every aspect of your ecommerce strategy. How do we know? Because our clients (the likes of Tesco, Superdry and to name just a few) tell us they experience this growth every day when they start to work with us. Interested? Take a 5 minute tour right now to discover the benefits, or contact us to discuss your own ecommerce needs and how we can help.


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