Any eCommerce solution within our ever-developing online world must be multi faceted, dynamic and multi-channeled in order to keep up with the high demands of complicated online merchandising practice. Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® works with online retailers to help them take total control over their online sales performance based on five layers of functionality to optimise the presentation of products, the display of search results as well as add on features such as product recommendations. For Locayta’s clients, including, and Tesco, the results are satisfied customers, increased revenue and enhanced business management visibility. See the five layers below…

Layer One – Behavioural Merchandising:

Locayta specialises in using Behavioural merchandising to provide real-time customised and personalised product recommendations to customers based upon and learning from their online user behaviour. Whether this is based solely on the customer’s actions, or uses some collective intelligence approach based on other past and present user behaviour, the results are highly enticing to purchase and lead to increased conversion rates.

Layer Two – Metrics Driven Merchandising:

Locayta closely analyses online activity data  for clients to make product recommendations and influence search results. Uniquely  this can be programmed to be based upon customised metrics to meet the clients objectives. Stock levels, popularity, newestness are all variables which can be controlled and prioritised in search results and category pages. This feature puts you in control over your customer experience and increases the management and element of control and visibility you have over your online business.

Layer Three – Search and Search Driven Merchandising:

Specialising in search, Locayta’s merchandising functionality customises product page navigation to match the customers search query; search is then heavily guided by filters which serve to optimise results and take users to the products they are looking for.

Layer Four – Visual Merchandising:

This layer focuses on strategically organising the appearance of your online offering. This spans all the visual elements on your site, such as banner advertisements which can be based on category search or metric driven specifics learnt from user behaviour, as well as presenting products based on search and metrics chosen by you to reach specific targets or drive certain values.

Layer Five – Personalisation and other customised merchandising strategies:

Using behavioural anaysis, most of Locayta’s technologies provide unique and highly personal merchandising solutions. The system can also work to recognise your customer and personalise the service even further. This includes personalised email targeting using the other four layers of functionality to best target your online customers.

Want more?

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is highly flexibe and by it’s very nature it enables you to ‘build’ your solution to your own needs. Want to know more? Visit today.