As an official Magento partner Locayta has launched a revolutionary new toolkit for ecommerce sites. It’s proven to dramatically increase conversions and order values, it’s geared up to deliver value adding ecommerce strategies – and now it’s all packaged up and ready to integrate directly into your clients’ sites.

If you’re a Magento developer on any scale you’ll know as well as we do that the business opportunities are ripe for the picking. Just like you, at Locayta we’re all about finding new and innovative ways to grow our clients’ online businesses.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce the launch of the entire Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® portfolio – available for the first time as a comprehensive and ready-made extension for Magento powered sites.

How will Freestyle Merchandising benefit my Magento clients?

Freestyle Merchandising is a powerful piece of kit, developed over a number of years to enhance the functionality of any ecommerce site. The primary purpose of the technology is to increase conversions, drive average order values up and ultimately generate healthy growth and improved profit margins.

What does Freestyle Merchandising do?

The technology rests on the three cornerstones of successful retailing. Crucially, this is the only engine on the market that drives all three disciplines via one simple user dashboard:

Visual merchandising: This module responds to the individual and collective behaviour of site visitors. It tracks their history, profile, spending preferences and real time behaviour and can dynamically adjust displays accordingly, so that visitors see the exact products your client wants them to see. Visual merchandising has the ability to transform online displays into inspirational motivators. Yet at the same time it’s easy to configure and use, plus the client can opt in and out manually whenever they choose. Visual Merchandising Visual Merchandising

Intelligent Search: We call it “search that learns”. Locayta search features a complete tool kit to enhance, refine and improve search functions on your clients’ sites, driving visitors to exactly where they need to go. Not only can search results be skewed to respond to live behaviour, you can also use clever tricks like synonym searching and adding specific product listings to search results menus to make sure that every search converts into a sale.











Product recommendations: Using cleverly programmed intelligent algorithms Locayta Product Recommendations tracks user search and select behaviour and recommends products and accessories that perfectly match the user – all easy for your client to configure behind the scenes and at the touch of a button.

How does Balance Factor fit into the ecommerce mix?

Balance Factor® is absolutely unique to Locayta and can transform your clients’ capabilities when it comes to delivering a truly watertight business strategy. The client can choose any business criteria that matters to them at the time – for example stock levels, profitability or end of line clearances. They can then set these up behind the scenes with different priorities using the simple dashboard, and instruct Freestyle Merchandising to skew search and display results according to those criteria.

For example, if a customer is looking for red shoes then not only can your client set the system up to show them red shoes – they can set the system up to show them red shoes in a certain price bracket, or the red shoes that have the highest profit margin, or the red shoes that need clearing from stock – all according to what the client needs to push most. The result? Increased sales that achieve the maximum profit possible from that particular line or product.

What’s involved in installing Locayta Freestyle Merchandising?

We’ve been partnering with Magento for some time now – but this is the first time that the whole Locayta Freestyle Merchandising tool kit is available as a single extension.

That means that as well as the core functions outlined above your clients can enjoy a whole portfolio of business driving tools – from display advertising and click to buy mobile shopping widgets to behavioural targeting, controlling brand adjacency and building their site’s SEO without breaking the bank.

The technology is available on an SaaS basis and is designed for simple installation and configuration, with our support where needed. For the first time Magento developers can offer their clients a value adding package that doesn’t cost the earth but has been proven time and time again to increase conversions and sales for the likes of Superdry,, Prezzybox, Tesco Clothing and many more.

Interested? We’re more than happy to talk to developers about the benefits our technology can have for your clients and- by default – your own business. Just get in touch to explore a potential collaboration.