Practical Ecommerce recently published a blog offering tips on how to healthcheck what your shoppers think of your ecommerce site. The timing’s great. According to Experian post-Christmas online shopping has shot up by 86% on the previous year – and with Easter just around the corner now is a prime moment to stop, take stock and establish what’s working for your customers and what isn’t.

The snag, of course, can be the significant cost and time implications of regularly reviewing and updating your website according to changing user behaviour. So here’s a New Year’s resolution you might want to consider. Take a look at these tools from Locayta that can cunningly automate functions recommended by Practical Ecommerce at a fraction of the time and expense of doing the job manually.

Recommendation: review home and landing pages

Prezzybox merchandising the Locayta way

Home and landing pages are rightly identified as a key area where you need to keep up to date. But what if you could change merchandising displays on these pages even as users hit, targeting the right products to the right visitor? And what if you could set your system up to do that automatically, accurately and in real time?

Solution: Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®

Freestyle Merchandising has a full tool kit that allows you to do exactly that. The Visual Merchandising module is set up to track and analyse your user’s behaviour and adjust your displays according to their product preferences, spending levels and pretty much any other criteria you care to apply. Visual Merchandising Visual Merchandising

Meanwhile, Locayta Display Advertising equips you to change your ad banners, displays and promotions to match the profile of your user from past data you hold on them – and indeed from their search and select behaviour as it happens.

The result is an on-going, targeted home and landing page strategy with all of the benefits of personalised targeting and none of the headaches of constant manual updates.

Recommendation: use your cart and checkout

Your cart and checkout offer prime cross and upselling opportunities – but as Practical Ecommerce points out it’s all too easy to forget to keep them fresh. As well as ensuring speed, efficiency, a streamlined checkout process and transparent cost displays (including shipping costs) you should always deploy this area of your site to encourage extra purchases based on your customer’s current selections.

Solution: Locayta Product Recommendations

Product recommendationsLocayta Product Recommendations is a clever module that plugs straight into your own platform and uses intelligent algorithms to respond to your customer’s choices. It then displays the products most closely matched to the items they’ve already chosen.

The benefits? Once configured the technology can operate entirely automatically and will always respond to the latest information your shoppers are giving you. You can focus on other areas confident in the knowledge that you’ve got the upselling potential of your site’s checkout completely covered.

Recommendation: review your customer support

Customer support isn’t just about handling feedback and enquiries. It’s also about understanding which customers are returning to you and why – and using that information to develop your offer, customer retention and sales. As Practical Ecommerce points out, when you understand the patterns you can look for solutions – but again this can be a complex and time consuming process.

Solution: Locayta Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural-Retargetting-V2We all know that low conversion rates, abandoned baskets and lapsed shoppers are big challenges in ecommerce. But Locayta offers a hugely useful tool to reduce these rates and convert more lapsed visitors into loyal customers.

Locayta Behavioural Targeting can analyse the historical behaviour of lapsed visitors on your site up to and including their abandoned cart contents. It then makes intelligent recommendations that are closely matched to the user’s most recent behaviour and are hence likely to entice them back to the site.

This is ideal for regenerating lapsed purchases, recommending alternative products or making promotional offers. Not only can you increase your conversion rates, you can also lower your acquisition costs (since you’re dealing with a warm lead base) as well as providing users with useful and relevant promotions that will indicate to them that you care.

Maximise sales the Tesco Clothing way

All of these tools are just a small part of a comprehensive search, merchandising and product recommendation engine that’s exclusive to Locayta. It’s also the official choice of brands as big as, Superdry and Tesco Clothing. But just because these dominant retailers choose us doesn’t mean it’s beyond the reach of smaller ecommerce merchants. The system is flexible and can be configured to the size and scope of your business, with competitive pricing and full support as standard.

The technology is available on an SaaS basis and can be configured to sit within your own ecommerce platform with no core changes to your site. Sounds like a New Year’s resolution worth making? Contact us to discuss your own ecommerce strategy and we’ll walk you through what’s possible in 2013 and beyond.