Seasonal opportunities have always been a trigger for targeted promotions and offers – but these days it’s getting more competitive than ever before. Even in November 2012 Amazon were looking ahead to post-Christmas sales with early promotional offers. Meanwhile Business Insider reports that retailers are earlier than ever before with their Valentine’s Day promotions.

That makes the landscape a challenging one for ecommerce retailers looking to make Valentine’s day a revenue dream. If you’re one of them you need to be getting ahead now with your online strategy to make sure you catch those consumers nice and early. It’s not just about enticing them either – it’s about maximising those order values to make the most of one of the key retailing hot spots of the year. Read on for some of our favourite strategies to do just that.


Mobile sales – don’t miss out

The evidence shows that a lot of shoppers will find themselves searching for the perfect romantic gesture on the go this year. According to Google 67% of today’s savvy consumers prefer to browse and buy online. But worryingly, 61% will quickly leave a mobile site if they can’t find what they’re looking for in 1 or 2 clicks.

That means lengthy and expensive app development, right? Wrong. At Locayta we’ve developed M-Commerce as a fast and viable solution to extend your online presence to smartphones. It allows you to deploy a fully searchable version of your site in a mobile friendly format without any core changes to your main platform. Customers can search and choose just as they would on your main website with access to your full range of products. At the point of purchase they are then transferred to your checkout page to complete the transaction.

Mobile ecommerce search tools

It’s a powerful solution that allows you to develop a fully compatible mobile presence fast.It’s also a cost-effective way to extend your reach to the growing number of consumers who see their mobile as an extension of the web.

The products they want with the profit you need

We all know that savvy consumers expect to find just what they’re looking for at the touch of a button. But with Locayta Search that’s not the end of the story. Unlike most search engines – which simply reference the product database and display products in order – Locayta Search can actually refine those listings according to the user’s behaviour and profile.

Not only can you set up and adapt your search facets so that they match seasonal opportunities (for example, you might add a “gifts for him” or “gifts for her” criteria especially for Valentine’s Day), you can also optimise the products shown to each individual user in response to their real time behaviour.

Prezzybox merchandising the Locayta way

So if you know a shopper is high value you can ensure they never see a product below your defined profit threshold. If a shopper favours a particular brand or product line those search results will top the results every time. What’s more, once you’ve plugged in and configured the software this will happen automatically. You can just sit back and enjoy those optimum sales and happy customers.

Cross sell and upsell effectively

At times like Valentine’s Day consumers are primed and open to additional propositions. The more relevant you can make your recommendations, the more likely they are to throw caution to the wind and indulge in an additional purchase to get extra Brownie points. Take a look at Locayta Product Recommendations and Locayta Accessory Recommendations. In the same way that Locayta Search interrogates user behaviour and generates relevant results, so our product recommendation tool kit analyses what shoppers are choosing and makes relevant recommendations for additional products at the checkout – or indeed at any purchase point you choose.

Product recommendations

These tools are all part of the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® suite – Software as a Service that’s cost-effectively priced, straightforward to install and is increasing our clients’ conversions and order values by an average of 19%. Brands like Superdry, Tesco Clothing and all use Locayta to boost their ecommerce performance and adapt their online strategy to seasonal priorities.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can take a tour of the software in action. Or just get in touch with the Locayta team to explore the potential for your ecommerce brand.

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