We all know the online retail market is booming and growing at an astounding rate, but news reaches us today from the Financial Times that online clothes sales are said to be reaching a “Critical Mass”. Within the clothing retail sector, it’s commonly acknowledged that eCommerce is playing a huge factor with online only offerings like ASOS, Boden and boohoo.com taking centre stage.


But according to the research by the Financial Times, Americans now buy more than 10 per cent of their clothes online. The story reports that online sales have reached a “critical mass”, increasing the pressure on physical stores to invest in launching online platforms or risk getting left behind. The statistics speak for themselves. One of America’s biggest department stores, Macy’s, saw total sales rose 11.7 per cent, whilst online sales jumped by 48.9 per cent.

With the facts at hand, it couldn’t be clearer that online retail within the clothing market remains an area of vast opportunity and possibility for aspiring online merchants. So what sets apart a successful online clothing business and a struggling one? Looking at two of Locayta’s online clothing clients, Superdry.com and boohoo.com, we’re going to explore just that.

Case Study 1: boohoo.com


Well established within the UK’s top ten online retailers, boohoo.com looked to Locayta for a search and merchandising solution when it came to relaunching their website, which in turn allowed them to personalise the way they merchandise products to their different audience segments. Enabling them to increase their site search-ability and product find-ability for their customers, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising introduced customized facets in search, dynamic user based product recommendations and strategic rules based merchandising in terms of product sequencing. This resulted in less clicks to purchase and increased quantity of purchases. boohoo.com said, “The key deliverables identified included advanced guided navigation for visual merchandising, behavioural recommendations and rules based merchandising functionality. Locayta has many automated response functions that can update search results, categories and recommendations – and that’s incredibly useful.

Case Study 2: Superdry.com


Internationally successful urban clothing retailer, Superdry.com, wanted enable intelligent, inspiring search and merchandising functionality across their newly launched multi-lingual international sites. To do this, Superdry.com took advantage of Locayta’s Balance Factor technology which  enabled them to prioritise products according to metrics such as stock levels, newness, popularity and profit margins. Superdry.com can set up the technology to activate automatically according to their preferences, but also gives the opportunity to input manually when needed. This spanned across search results and category pages. They also employed Locayta’s Intelligent Navigation technology including spell correction and auto-complete functionality, providing accurate search results and eliminating the risk of failed searches. They said, “We were impressed by Locayta’s unique ability to achieve fully automated visual merchandising and fast multi-lingual search results no matter what the geographical location. We felt they were head and shoulders above the rest.

Calling all online clothing retailers!

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