Visual Merchandising

Any online retailer will know the importance of visual display within the eCommerce market. The presentation of your online platform in all ways  is of up most importance when it comes to the performance of your eCommerce offering; a poorly planned visual merchandising offer can result in a very low level of conversions, whereas strategic, well planned out and carefully managed visual merchandising can be the difference between giving your eCommerce offering a boost. So what’s involved? Keep reading to find out.

Why Visual Merchandising?

Generally speaking within the online arena, visual merchandising presents a challenge to the retail world but as we speak, more and more advanced and sophisticated visual merchandising techniques are being developed to combat this. Ahead of the game, is Locayata Freestyle Merchandising, which allows you to apply advanced visual merchandising techniques which are used offline, but in a powerful but flexible way. With both dynamic and manual functionalities, their feature set spans a multitude of specific assets. By driving the display of visual elements across your site, the technology includes personalising advertising displays monitoring user interaction and re-targeting. Locayta visual merchandising also includes product recommendations which track user behaviour and recommend products which are highly likely purchase options and a revolutionary technology called Locayta Balance Factor® which uses information on your users’ behaviour to determine the sequencing of products displayed on a category page.

All these elements work towards increasing your bottom line numbers and the Visual Merchandising technology delivers results, proven to increase online sales by 15-30%, increase average revenue per site, reduce clicks to purchase, achieve higher retention rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Some feedback on the technology…


Locayta client and eCommerce sucess story said,  “For us the ability to opt in manually where we need to is the key win,” she says. “Locayta has many automated response functions that can update search results, categories and recommendations – and that’s incredibly useful. But when a new buzz hits the catwalk it’s vital for us to be able to adapt our visual displays and search criteria at a moment’s notice. We can tie our categories and sequencing into a wide variety of trends, colour stories, collections, and special promotions in line with the latest media coverage. For Boohoo it’s all about delivering fast, relevant product placement as well as detailed category and search functionality.

What’s next?

To see Locayta’s Visual Merchandising in action and find out more on how the services can enhance your current online performance, visit today.