When any online retailer is considering investing in their online platform to improve it’s functionalities, it’s important to keep the overall aims and goals in mind. There’s no point in spending a high amount of resource, whether it be time, effort or finances, into improving the performance of your online offering, unless it returns it terms of financials and consumer experience. With Locayta Freestyle Merchandising, you can achieve just this. Read on to find out more…

Through a combination of factors, including increasing traffic, increasing conversion rates and increasing average order values, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising has proven to increase online sales by 15-30% for clients including, and Below we are going to explore some of the ways this is put into practice.

Increase Traffic

Improving traffic volumes is a key area of speciality at Locayta. Locayta SEO Page Builder works to do this by dynamically creating SEO friendly pages with minimal input. Using the internal site searches within your online platform,  the technology creates many highly optimised highly specific and rich SEO pages. This dramatically increases the number of relevant organic search pages on your site.

Increase Conversions

There are two main areas which can be identified in order to increase conversion rates; these are Visual Merchandising and Behavioural Merchandising.


Visual Merchandising involves improving and optimising the display of visual elements on your website. This has proven results increasing average revenue per site, reducing clicks to purchase, achieving higher retention rates and increasing customer satisfaction. Locayta’s Visual Merchandising tools include revolutionary technology, Locayta Balance Factor®. This dynamically uses information on your users’ behaviour to determine the sequencing of products displayed on category pages and search results for optimisation.

Behavioural Merchandising is highly powerful. The ability to re-target users who have previously shown an interest but abandoned your website results in much higher probability in terms of conversions. Locayta’s Behavioural Targeting technology analyses previous interactions on your site to produce relevant, tailored and highly personalised merchandising features including Targeted search results, which direct your customers to products you are sure they are interested in, and personalised Product Recommendations, which using the power of collective intelligence of your site, your users and your products, in real time, they make relevant and personal product recommendations which are highly likely to convert to purchase. (see more on this below).

Increase Average Order Value


Locayta’s Product Recommendations are a quick fire solution to increasing your basket order values. Dynamically generated and constantly updated based upon day to day user interactions on your site, the technology uses behavioural algorithms to suggest add on purchases in real time whilst your customer is browsing. When it comes to Display advertising, Locayta provides targeted displays for each page view by analysing the content of each page then tracks user activity and generates display adverts which are a good match for that users activity.

Take Action!

To see Locayta’s technology in action and find out more on how the services can enhance your current online performance, visit today.