When an online retailer achieves a certain amount of success, the only room for expansion and growth is internationally.  Whilst this presents an exciting and potentially very profitable proposition, the practical application of undergoing such a venture can incur many challenges and obstacles along the way. That’s why urban inspired and world renowned fashion brand,, turned to Locayta to create intelligent and inspiring search and merchandising functionality on a multi-lingual platform across seven international sites. So how did they do it? Keep reading to find out.

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In their search for internationally sucessful online merchandising functionality, were looking for fully integrated and localised communication. Locayta were able to deliver just this with their advanced product sequencing technology using the unique balance factor functionality to strategically position Superdry’s products online across their multiple sites. Locayta’s advanced search was able to perform exactly to Superdry’s exact specification and requirements with various functionalities including intelligent navigation and spell correction to guarantee fruitful search results every time.

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This is what eCommerce Manager at, Chris Griffin, had to say about the technology…


“We were impressed by Locayta’s unique ability to achieve fully automated visual merchandising and fast multi-lingual search results no matter what the geographical location. We felt they were head and shoulders above the rest. Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools for the job. It’s essential that our international sites compete effectively with localised providers. Locayta delivers the same high-grade performance regardless of which country the site is operating in. The ability to maintain superior search and category performance on a totally multilingual basis has generated phenomenal, if not unprecedented success for us. Our international eCommerce strategy has experienced four figure growth”.

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