From all angles, visual, technical and logical, the placement of product online is a key element in merchandising when it comes to driving sales. If this is strategically planned and carefully merchandised with intelligence, you have the ability to truly optimise all potential opportunities to guide your customer to purchase, which is one not to be ignored. Whilst the more established medium of in-store shopping has this down to a fine art, the online world is steps behind still developing new and exciting ways to embrace technology to resolve the challenge. Keep reading to find out how for clients including Tesco, and, Locayta Product Sequencing has done just that.

Locayta Product Sequencing

As an innovative, creative and proactive company, Locayta have developed a technology in house, which helps retailers to pre-determine the ordering /  placement of products on both category pages and search results pages across their retail platform. Locayta Product Sequencing can be set up to be automatically programmed responding to user behaviour, as well as having the flexibility to be specifically set up by retail owners with targets in mind. For their clients, this is providing an unrivalled element of control meaning merchants are able to specify the order of products by any variable; this can be stock levels, newness, price, popularity or margin.


Another element of this technology which is fundamental in the automatic nature of Locayta Product Sequencing is Locayta Balance Factor®. Another technology developed in house by the team at Locayta, this specific technlogy means you can place business rules and weight their importance. This means like never before have retailers has the ability to influence product sequencing. Once set, Locayta Balance Factor® works by automatically updating the ordering of your products according to the guidelines.

The Benefits

Amongst all the funcationality discussions, it’s important to note the benefits of the technology. What can you take away? In sumary, Locayta Product Sequencing helps retailers to engage and compel their customers to translate to purchase. It is both a highly influential and very flexible method of using visual merchandising to benefit both your users and your conversion rates; statistics proove this the technology increases basket value, maximises conversions and entices new first time buyers. Locayta Product Sequencing has not only increased sales across the web by between 15 – 30 %, but has provided an eCommerce visual merchandising solution for Locayta clients and

What next?

To see Locayta Product Sequencing in action with a FREE DEMO and to find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.