Helping to connect your customers to your products in a clear, concise and effective manner is the most productive way of increasing conversions and average basket order values. Enabling your customer to find the product they are looking for is often one of the biggest challenges within the online merchandising market. Taking an approach which learns from online user behviour to provide a better service is one that will succeed. Locayta Search has done just this. Read on to find out more on how this and the rest of the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising feature set can enhance your conversions and sales.

Locayta Search

Believing that most websites are poorly served by their in-site search functionality, Locayta have become highly specialised and expert within the on-site search field.  Locayta provides the site search for clients including, Tesco, Boohoo and Prezzybox.  Locayta Search is specifically optimised for finding products on your site and is fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising platform. So how does it work? Utilising some of the most sophisticated search technologies available, Locayta Search is able to use the information on your site and learns from what customers are searching for.


It provides sophisticated features including the following…

Intelligent Navigation:  This presents products within a guided navigation framework,  displaying several relevant refinement options available to the user and enabling them to drill-down using those refinement options.

Predictive type-ahead: This intelligently suggests products and alternative search terms based on the collective intelligence both your users and products and your product catalogue. It is specifically optimised for your data and your site requirements.

Spell Correction: 50% of search queries are misspelt causing visitors to leave having not found what they are looking for. Locayta’s technology will catch any misspelling or miss-typing and is able to understand even the weakest search term.

Locayta Balance Factor®: This unique technology developed in house, enables you to merchandise the ordering of products on site adjusting search results based on metrics such as margin, popularity, newness to site and stock availability. This enable search driven merchandising on site.

Case Study:


For Prezzybox, Locayta has delivered results beyond expectations. “It’s been a revelation,” says Edwards. “We have total control. We use Locayta’s Balance Factor technology to adjust the weighting of search and category results, meaning that as well as responding to user behaviour we can add our own stock control and promotional strategies into the mix. We have the ability to create filter criteria to match seasonal promotions, gift categories and internal variables. Most crucially, because every decision we make can be applied automatically across every category we’ve eliminated any margin for error and ensured that our customers experience accurate results every time. It’s no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using Locayta.

What’s Next?

To see Locayta Search in action and find out more on how the services can enhance your current online performance, visit today.