When it comes to ensuring your online offering lives up to the equivalent physical in-person visit, for most retailers the prospect can be more than a little overwhelming. Translating the same retail experience to your online platform is no doubt a challenge, and for The British Museum, its more than essential with their virtual store becoming a key source of revenue for the iconic London destination. So how do they so it? With a hugely vast number of product options as well as membership and ticketing functionalities, this is no straight forward retail platform.   To serve their site relaunch, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® offered its advanced online merchandising functionalities, including enhanced product recommendations, to help the British Museum  maximise every retailing opportunity.

Advanced On-site Search


Locayta have helped to enhance the usability of the British Museum platform by enabling shoppers to find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently. Employing Locayta Search, their on site search functionality now features intelligent navigationspell correction and auto-complete technology which work together to catch all possible misspellings and ensure fruitful search results at all time. For The British Museum, products are consistently subject to change at all times,  so this is key in their revenue driving serving a global audience of tourists, enthusiasts and experts.

Beneficial add-on sales features

Locayta Product Recommendations are an essential marketing strategy for their clients, especially The British Museum. Locayta helps them to provide tailored and relevant product recommendations to their customers. Using behavioural algorithms, Locayta Product Recommendations are based on what has been searched for, added to basket and purchased by both the individual customer and all other previous users. Locayta then tracks the individual user journey to adjust product recommendations in real time. Thanks to Locayta‘s technologies, product recommendations on British Museum Company‘s site are subject to dynamic updates based on day-to-day selections and search behaviour, ensuring their relevancy to the shopper is optimised at all times. 80% of online purchases are affected by product recommendations. Implementing this technology has served to increase conversion rates and average order values as well as average revenue per visit. Locayta‘s technology also allows Product Recommendations to be customised to match certain business objectives, giving The British Museum Company increased business management control.


Ecommerce Manager at British Museum Company, Fabrice Druelle says, “Locayta offered us a tool we simply couldn’t find elsewhere. In the past we were under using the platform, but now we are planning to develop the system’s capabilities as part of our future plans. We have re-skinned our site to enhance the use of product recommendations and give visitors a whole new look and feel with maximised product placement and cross-selling potential. We’re gearing up to tap into the system’s true potential and we hope to roll out the full merchandising and search platform in the new fiscal year. We have truly engaged with Locayta. We enjoy the personal relationship as well as the power of the technology. It’s an exciting time.”

How do I  integrate these functionalities within my retail site? As part of the full Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® package, Locayta Product Recommendations and Locayta Search have increased sales across the web by up to 19%  for clients, including Tescoboohoo.com and Paperchase. To see them in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit www.locayta.com today.