When it comes to the online space and retail, trawling the ever so engaged online merchandising community online can be a confusing place; theories here and there, ideas thrown about and revolutions stumbled upon every other day. In such a new and evolving space, much research and reading up is no bad thing, but if you’re looking for a quick summary of a few key wins to consider when it comes up upgrading your online merchandising, you’ve come to the right place.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising drives sales for clients including Boohoo, Superdry and Tesco by concentrating on three key areas of functionality and develop these in order to upgrade the level of merchandising on the respective sites. These are…


1. Site Search: This is a full featured intelligent search that learns and ensures your customers always find what they are looking for. As one of the most sophisticated search technologies available, Locayta search learns what your customers are searching for delivering the right products quickly and accurately resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher click through rates. The search also employs features like Auto-complete and Spell Correction to further this.

2. Product Recommendations: Relevant, compelling and intelligent product recommendations to drive sales. As one of the most beneficial marketing tools a retailer can deploy, Locayta Product Recomendations have the ability to dramatically improve conversion rates by making highly personalised product suggestions in real time using intelligence on behavioural algorithms direct from your customers.


3. Visual Merchandising: Giving you the opportunity to take control of product sequencing on category pages and search results. Increased average revenue, reduced clicks to purchase, higher retention rates and increased customer satisfaction are just some of the things you can expect here. Locayta provide the ability to translate traditional in store visual merchandising, online.

Retailers can expect on average an increase of 19% in revenues after deploying Locayta Search, Recommendations and Merchandising. Want to know more? Complete your details in this form here to receive a complementary copy of Best Practices in Online Retail and get a free Locayta Freestyle Merchandising demo. What are you waiting for?