Within such a lively, exciting and opportunist field such as online merchandising, innovation and winning solutions are rife and probably at their peak right about now. Welcome to the world of eCommerce and search solutions; this new and fast developing arena offers a wealth of choice when it comes to upgrading your online retail offer, but as a retailer how do you know which is the right one for you and which step to take next? Today we’e talking about Locayta Freestyle Merchandising and how it compares to some equivalent products out there in the market today.

Who are you looking for?

With statistics such as, “62.31% of shoppers still fail to complete their transaction online” very much apparent within the online space, its definite that your virtual merchandising strategy takes some consideration, and comparing similar companies who claim to offer similar things is only a natural evolutionary process in order to find the right solution for you. Other search and merchandising solutions, including the likes of Mercado, which is now better known as Adobe’s Search&Promote, may claim to offer a similar standard of service, but below we’re going to talk through a few unique selling points we think makes Locayta Freestyle Merchandising stand out from the crowd.


One touch point: Unlike similar merchandising and search solutions where functionalities must be controlled from a number of differing sources, the vast scope of features available across the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising porfolio, including vidual merchandising, behevioural merchandising and search driven merchandising, can be controlled from one single touch point making management of your merchandising cost, resource and time efficient. 

Unique technologies: Whilst other merchandising solutions may claim to offer truly unique and innovative technologies, this is no exaggeration at Locayta. Where other companies may have ceased releasing new updates and simply rely on their existing offering, Locayta is the opposite. With an in-house technical team who constantly work closely with clients to meet their individual needs by developing bespoke and never-seen-before functionalities, there is always a new offering from Locayta. Take Locayta Balance Factor technology for example, its revolutionising retailers’ merchandising across the web including clients such as Tesco and


Unrivalled visibility and insight: The ability to see your customer experience from all angles is priceless and Locayta Freestyle Merchandising accommodates just this. Using behavioural algorithms, Locayta is able to track your users behaviour and learn from habits and movements around your site. In search, results can be driven and skewed by your users’ behaviour meaning strategies can be sophisticated in being based around user behaviour. This rare insight is not a usual offer from Locayta equivalents.

Adaptable and workable: Whilst many companies claim to offer personalised services and one on one treatment for their retail partners, at Locayta, this is actually true. William North, eCommerce Manager at new Locayta client Nicole Farhi reported, “Compared to other agencies I always found that Locayta dealt quickly with support issues. The correspondence and visibility between their technical team and support managers is always highly apparent compared to others.” Superdry’s Chris Griffin agrees, “They are a great company, continuously coming to us with proposals for new innovations to drive revenue. We experience a tangible return on their services. Their service is fantastic and you receive full support in implementing the system and fine tuning it to your own requirements.”

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