As an online retailer, you’ll always be looking for and researching the many possible ways you can work to improve the performance of your online retail platform. This applies to all sorts of online businesses, not just retail, but undeniably one of the most impact-full, beneficial and instantaneous ways to drive sales, revenue and conversion rates is with an improved level of Search Engine Optimization throughout your online offering. Whilst much research is done surrounding this area and it is often thought of as a quick-win solution to low traffic ratings online, Locayta have developed unique technologies which serve to help online retailers take action.

Why improve your SEO?

Having a highly optimised site which is easily detectable by search engines will directly result in an increased volume of traffic to your retail platform. Resultantly, a higher volume of visitors equates to a higher proportion of conversions, meaning a higher volume of sales and overall revenue for your business.


Locayta’s SEO Page Builder – how does it work?

As part of their research in improving the performance of online retail platforms through visual and behavioural merchandising, Locayta have developed a unique technology called SEO Page Builder. Cleaverly, this works by creating SEO optimised pages dynamically by turning naturally occurring internal site searches (from customers) into highly focused and developed SEO pages on site. This automation works intelligently to  increase the volume of relevant organic search pages within your website and saves the time consuming task of manually optimising pages.

As they have now been formatted to contain highly relevant terms via Locayta’s extraction from within the results-set in relation to the search query and the most effective and productive key words, these new pages are SEO highly optimised for the Internet search engines. The is the most time efficient and technologically intelligent method of creating detailed SEO-friendly pages, which are dictated, directed and decided by your customers, that will increase the organic search traffic to your site.

What next?

If you want to optimise your SEO, contact Locayta today.