Locayta Freestyle Merchandising currently drives sales for a wide portfolio of clients big and small including BoohooSuperdry and Tesco.To do this, Locayta have an effective and productive approach targeting three key areas of functionality within your virtual platform, Site Seach, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising, to develop an enhance the performance of a retail platform resulting in an advanced and highly upgraded the level of merchandising for their clients’ sites. Keep reading to find out more.

Product Sequencing

Visual Merchandising: Locayta’s technology uniquey gives you the retailer the ability to translate traditional in store visual merchandising, online. Employing behavioural targeting technology, Locayta are able to use current on-site user behaviour to affect and improve the success of product sequencing on both category pages and search results pages. As this display learns from user behaviour and constantly updates, for existing clients at Locayta, this has resulted in Increased average revenue, reduced clicks to purchase, higher retention rates and increased customer satisfaction. Locayta provide the .


Site Search: Locayta believe most retailers are poorly served by their on-site search functionality. In contrast, they offer a fully featured intelligent search, which once again uses behavioural targeting, and learns from user actions on-site to produce effective search results ensuring your customers always find what they are looking for. As one of the most sophisticated search technologies available, Locayta search learns what your customers are searching for delivering the right products quickly and accurately resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher click through rates.

Product Recommendations: Uniquely, Locayta’s technologies are able to position personalised products alongside the items currently being browsed using the collective intelligence on your users on-site. The technology works to implement relevant, personal and constantly updated product suggestions to your users.

In summary, retailers can expect on average an increase of 19% in revenues after deploying Locayta Search, Recommendations and Merchandising.  Complete your details in this form here to receive a complementary copy of Best Practices in Online Retail and get a free Locayta Freestyle Merchandising demo.