Visual merchandising is a very powerful tool online. Whilst lots of dedication and focus is paid to this in physical stores, it can be somewhat neglected within the online space. Visual elements online tend to concentrate on appealing imagery and aesthetics but in order to impact your sales and drive revenue, Visual Merchandising must be cleverly focused on how your customers interact with your product throughout the customer experience. Keep reading to find out more on the features available in Visual Merchandising at Locayta.

Visual Merchandising at Locayta

Locayta Visual merchandising tackles just this by organising the appearance of your online store in all sectors. This can span everything from the display of visual elements on your site, presenting banner ads based on a category search or it can be enhanced with metric drivers, presenting the appropriate products based on search and metrics chosen by you (for example, newest in stock) affecting the visual presentation of search results.  Locayta’s visual merchandising functionality can be configured to be completely automatic and dynamic, or can work in conjunction with manual merchandising by the retailer.


Balance Factor for Merchandising

This enables Locayta clients to determine the exact sequencing of products on any page of their retail site including search results and category pages. It works by combining metrics selected by the retailer (e.g. popularity, price, margin, newness to site and stock availability etc) then dynamically generates the sequence of products on category pages. To provide additional flexibility this functionality also allows for retailers to manually sequence products on any page through an easy-to-use control panel interface.

Brand Adjacency

This allows multi branded retailers the flexibility to manage the positioning of brands within their single retail platform. The brand element is added into the mix when configuring the product sequencing on pages throughout your retail site. From this point the retailer can specify the positioning of brands either together, or to keep them apart.

Display Advertising


Locayta’s technology allows clients to implement individually targeted display advertising for each page view. Locayta’s search engine analyses the content of each page, assigning weights to important key words and identifying which display adverts might be relevant to that particular page. Locayta’s behavioural marketing algorithms then track user activity on the site in real-time, matching their activity profile to the Locayta page analysis to suggest display adverts that would be a good match for that users activity.

Behavioural Targeting

An eye opening statistic reveals that some 98% of site visitors will leave a website without making a purchase. Locayta uses behavioural re-targeting algorithms to review users’ previous interactions on your site to make recommendations and market to returning users who have previously abandoned your website without making a purchase. This enables retailers to re-engage with their users, generating higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

Get Involved

Amongst the many services available from LocaytaVisual Merchandising, including Behavioural Targeting and Display Advertising come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see it in action and find out more on how you can maximise your potential with Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, visit www.locayta.com today.