Within the online merchandising world, the relative new-ness and fast developing nature of the space calls for ever-changing areas of focus. Whilst initially effort unsurprisingly lay with simply ensuring all retailers have an online offer, this develops in time and advances. Think along the lines of getting mobile enabled, offering omni-channel shopping or bringing personalisation in for your users at a level unseen by other retailers. Recent research conducted by has deduced four main areas of focus for online retailers for 2013. We’ll be discussing them below and discovering some ways in which you can achieve them within your retail platform with the help of Locayta.

Top five areas of focus…

The Product Detail report that nearly three-quarters of retailers surveyed are investing significantly in the product detail page. This includes upgrading product imagery, adding product videos, enhancing product descriptions and featuring additional product suggestions alongside. These features work to communicate effectively with your customers to give them the confidence to buy. Locayta’s Product Recommendations are effective here in marketing additional products to your customers and enhancing average order values for you the retailer. Locayta’s technology uses behavioural algorithms to to ensure the product suggestions are highly personalised to each individual user


Personalisation: The research also found that  three out of five retailers are also upgrading capabilities to personalize the shopping experience. In the study, “retailers mentioned everything from identifying cookie-d shoppers and providing different shopping flows for new-versus-repeat customers, to showing cross-sells that speak to the customer’s profile and purchase history”. Locayta’s technology works to do just this. As well as personalisation playing a large part in Product Recommendations, at Locayta on-site search is highly personalised. The Intelligent Navigation works to personalise product sequencing to optimise displays based on your customers behaviour. This means results are consistantly and dynamically improving and are specific to each user.

Testing: It was also discovered that “almost half (47 percent) of retailers surveyed said they plan to focus on A/B testing this year”. Whilst experimental testing has been around in online retail for some time, it often falls to the back of a priority list for busy online retailers. At Locayta, all amendments made with regards to your merchandising strategy are manipulated using one main Control Panel. This means you the retailer can add your  priorities into the mix using Locayta Balance Factor, testing different rules and ideas to see what works for your customer. Regular testing is vital to get the site experience right for customers and brand.


Online working with offline: The report stated that “Two out of five retailers cited initiatives that we categorized as “omnichannel integration.” One strategy is making it easier for both consumers and retailers to see what inventory is available. Since consumers now expect to be able to shop anywhere, anytime, there could be much more of cross-channel integration going forward”. With this in mind, one of the most effective ways to integrate your on and offline retail offer is with the use of mobile. Ensuring you have a mobile offer provides a link for customers in store wanting to check prices / promotions via their mobile in store. Locayta M-Commerce is a quick and cost effective solution ideal for those retailers looking to implement a quick and low cost integration to mobile without requiring changes to their main retail sites.

Get involved…

Amongst the many services available from Locayta, the above technologies discussed come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see them in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.