When looking forward to new and evolving areas for eCommerce, there’s no denying that mobile shopping plays a huge part and has become once of the most rapid areas for growth and potential for online retailers. Recent reports indicate that here has been a 150 per cent increase in shopping via smartphones, such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, compared to a year ago.

Industry expert Tina Spooner of IMRG, confirmed that, “The record monthly growth in September is an indication of increasing consumer confidence and with smartphone year-on-year sales growth reaching an impressive 150 per cent, it is also evident that shoppers are becoming more comfortable with shopping via their mobile devices.” Many online retailers are keen to embrace this area of growth; in a study conducted by which deduced the top areas of focus for online retailers in 2013,“Two out of five retailers cited initiatives that we categorized as ‘omni-channel integration’. One strategy is making it easier for both consumers and retailers to see what inventory is available. Since consumers now expect to be able to shop anywhere, any time, there could be much more of cross-channel integration going forward”.

Locayta M-Commerce


Locayta Freestyle Merchandising provide a quick and cost effective solution to online retailers wanting to embrace the mobile platform and translate their  retail offer over to their mobile sector, without requiring changes to their main retail site. Working as a is a click-to-buy iPhone shopping application, Locayta M-Commerce  enables your customers to browse and search your product offering via the mobile application; this includes viewing product detail pages and add or remove items to / from basket. The technology works by storing and indexing your product data independently from your eCommerce site, then directs queries your eCommerce site. When it comes to the point of purchase, your customers are transferred to your eCommerce site.

Where to start?


Locayta currently work with a list of clients on their online merchandising including  TescoPaperchase and Superdry. Locayta M-Commerce helps retailers extend their reach, expand their sales potential and opportunity for return on investment, so whatever the future holds, online retailers can be ready.  The technology comes fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see it in action and to find out more about how you can get your business mobile with the help of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, visit today.