Looking at eCommerce retail success stories that have hit the headlines over the past years, Superdry make it pretty high up on the list. The casual urban inspired fashion brand has raised it’s profile over the last eighteen months, and this is only reflected in the sales; the brand are reporting that online sales rose by 28% and are now worth 11% of the group’s revenues. With impressive like for like growth figures, it begs the question, what are doing so right? Keep reading to see how Locayta Freestyle Merchandising helped Superdry acheive such numbers and have enabled them to now sell to customers in more than 100 countries.

The Problem…


Head of eCommerce Chris Griffin at Superdry explains, “We undertook extensive research to find a system that could improve our search and merchandising performance. It’s essential that Superdry’s international sites can compete effectively with localised providers. It’s not just about branding, it’s about fully integrated localised communication. Before we discovered Locayta our visual merchandising was manually controlled and generated clunky, cumbersome results”. With a demanding merchandising requirement, including international expansion, Superdry turned to Locayta.

The Solution…

So how did Locayta help? Taking on several aspects of their feature set, Locayta worked with to implement a flexible way of recreating the power of high street product displays online.

Locayta Behaviour
Guided Navigation: Superdry have employed Locayta’s intelligent navigation search which allows customers to streamline their search options in mere moments and pinpoint their purchase easily. The guided navigation search engine technology allows customers to personalise their search with options like size, category, colour and price, interacting immediately with consumer behaviour resulting in relevant, appropriate and highly likely purchase options on display.
Visual Merchandising : Superdry also implemented Locayta’s Visual Merchandising technology, which allows them to manually manipulate their product displays quickly and easily. In addition, the technology responds dynamically to metrics data from the site, such as stock availability, popularity and newness, to sequence and optimise product displays automatically. Superdry can also manage the display of particular brands across their site as well as being able to schedule sequencing in advance for time sensitive promotions. This software is based upon Locayta’s unique Balance Factor technology.

The Results…


Head of eCommerce Chris Griffin comments, “Locayta delivers the same high-grade performance regardless of which country the site is operating in. The ability to maintain superior search and category performance on a totally multilingual basis has generated phenomenal, if not unprecedented success for us. Our international eCommerce strategy has experienced four figure growth. We’re now aiming to roll out Freestyle Merchandising to eight further international sites in the next few months.” He added, “Locayta offered the perfect combination of tools for the job. We were impressed by Locayta’s unique ability to achieve fully automated visual merchandising and fast multi-lingual search results no matter what the geographical location. We felt they were head and shoulders above the rest”.

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