We all know that the trend for online shopping is ever growing, with year on year success, it’s quite justifiably seen as the growth area for retail in the future years to come. A direct comparison for this arises with the world renowned shopping days; Black Friday, the busiest shopping day for physical stores, and the following Cyber Monday, where offers and promotions move online. With Black Friday 2013 stats in and Cyber Monday 2013 in full swing today, we take a look at some of the predictions for 2013 following on from the success of Cyber Monday 2012.


For 2012, an IBM report discovered that Cyber Monday sales increased by 30.3% compared to last year. In addition, “more than 18% of online shoppers used a mobile device to shop online on Cyber Monday 2012, an increase of over 70% from the previous year”; all in all, Cyber Monday 2012 was a historic day for the online retail industry. During this same time period, the traditionally offline retail sales day, Black Friday too,  saw an exceptional growth in online sales. Totally, Cyber Monday remains in peak position.

Another industry expert, Adobe predict for 2013, a 15% increase in Cyber Monday spending, totalling 2.27 billion dollars and 17% increase in Black Friday sales, up to 1.628 billion. 

Why is Cyber Monday growing?

Mobile Shopping:


The IBM Report went on to claim that, “Mobile sales accounted for approximately 13% of all sales for online retailers, almost double the amount of mobile sales on Cyber Monday 2011”. So as an online retailer, how can you optimise your mobile sales? Locayta Freestyle Merchandising provide a quick and cost effective solution to online retailers wanting to embrace the mobile platform and translate their  retail offer over to their mobile sector. Without requiring changes to their main retail site Locayta M-Commerce  enables your customers to browse and search your product offering via a mobile application; this includes viewing product detail pages and add or remove items to / from basket. When it comes to the point of purchase, your customers are transferred to your eCommerce site. Find out more here >>

Shopping Smarter: 


Especially surrounding times of big promotions and  optimum shopping periods such as Cyber Monday, consumers are much smarter when it comes to making the most of offers and getting value for money. According to IBM, “the average order value on Cyber Monday dropped 6.6% to $185.12, but the average number of items per order increased 14.1% to 8.34 items”. Online, it is essential that your product positioning works to optimum to serve both your customers wants and your own commercial strategy in promotions. With Locayta’s unique in-house developed technology, Balance Factor, you, the retailer, can maintain, manage and optimise control over your product display on every single page of your eCommerce platform including search results pages and category pages. The technology combines rules based metrics with your own chosen retailing priorities, be it price, margin, newness or stock availability, then analyses your priorities and weights search results and category pages accordingly to the optimum presentation. Locayta Balance Factor® puts you in control of your merchandising and is specifically designed to help you enhance your sales and conversion rates. Find out more here >>

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The above technology comes fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see it in action and to find out more about how you can get your business mobile with the help of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®, visit today.