Today we’re taking a look back over three of the many new clients that launched with Locayta in 2013 and sharing some direct feedback from from them. Keep reading to hear of some of the benefits of starting up with Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®.


“We have seen a much greater engagement with our search in general – it’s a vast improvement on what we had previously. Locayta Balance Factor® has worked really well for us because we’ve been able to automate a fair amount of control which we previously had to deal with manually. That means our sales people can manage how they use Balance Factor rather than having to go through the development team. It gives them more autonomy and the ability to respond to market factors. It also frees up the development team up to focus on other areas. From the start we always got the sense that Locayta were quite flexible to our requirements. They were willing to build in additional elements to meet our specific needs. It was great to have a direct channel into the technical team. We’ve got an in-house development team here and we build everything ourselves so it was important for us to really understand what goes on under the bonnet. We could talk to Locayta’s developers directly without being blocked by a sales middle man. It’s a vast improvement on what we had previously. The foundation feels like it’s definitely in place. In terms of where we’re going we’re always looking to improve our ecommerce platform, so we’ll be exploring more of the features Locayta in the future.”

IT Director George Harris

Work Wearhouse


“Locayta provided swift, expert search facilities at a reasonable price. Search is vital for our customers. They tend to come to the site with a particular product in mind. They don’t want to hang around. They want to explore a couple of options, compare price and the like, and then make a fast decision. We used Locayta’s spell correction and synonym functions to achieve accurate search results. Customers can also now search using different criteria simultaneously. I see intelligent faceted search as one of Locayta’s key specialities. Locayta are very customer focussed; if an issue does arise they’ll tell you exactly what’s happening and deal with it quickly. They do have impressive global clients, but they’re also more than happy to help companies like ours, who are smaller but growing fast, with the same dedicated level of respect and service. We’re seeing people spend more time on the site and stay for longer on individual pages. The search experience is quicker and more accurate and that’s an vital factor for us. I’m keen to explore more of what the system can do this year as I’m aware we’re not yet tapping into its full potential.”

 Managing Director  Damon Horney

Nicole Farhi


“When a customer searched on our site for something that isn’t part of the product database – like delivery details or a store locator – we couldn’t deliver any results. Locayta suggested using synonyms to resolve that issue. In this way we have ensured that a customer never sees zero results, which is important for their user journey. Compared to other agencies I always found that Locayta dealt quickly with support issues” William says. “The correspondence and visibility between their technical team and support managers is always highly apparent compared to others. Locayta have introduced a lot of little improvements. In the back end it’s very straightforward to use with instantaneous results. We still haven’t fully optimized the system, but there’s lots of further potential.”

eCommerce Manager William North

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