As an eCommerce retailer, pin pointing key elements within your retail platform that can drive online sales is not easy. With the help of Locayta, like many other successful online businesses including the likes of, and, you can identify which elements are worth focusing on and which can have a direct effect on your revenues. Looking at key performance indicators such as conversion rates, average order values and retention rates, Locayta have identifies three key elements to enable this. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Site Search: Locayta offer a fully featured and intelligent search that learns and ensures your customers find what they are looking for. By presenting results within a guided navigation framework, your customers are connected to the product they are looking for effectively and efficiently. This technology significantly increases the usability and effectiveness of site search on your site, resulting in an increase in conversion rates and average order values.


2. Product Recommendations: Locayta implement relevant, compelling and intelligent product recommendations which are guaranteed to drive sales. As one of the most important marketing tools out there, Locayta’s technology employs behavioural algorithms to place likely or previously viewed products alongside browing options to your customers.  This technology has the power to dramatically increase your conversion rates and average order values.

3. Visual Merchandising: Lovayta’s technology allows you to take control of product sequencing on category pages and search results pages.  By organising the appearance of your online store, you can drive the display of visual elements on your site from presenting banner ads based on a category search, to metric based manipulation presenting the appropriate products chosen by you, for example, newest in stock or highest margin. This results in a 15 – 30% increase in online sales.

The Results


Locayta Freestyle Merchandising allows you to truly take control of your online sales performance. Overall, retailers can expect on average  19% increase in revenues after deploying Locayta Search, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising. Not only this but the technology provides unrivalled speed, accuracy and tailored results for your end customer with the best features and functionality allowing you the retailer to focus on your business. With immediate salers performance results, Locayta’s technology has a beneficial effect on conversion rates, average order values, average revenue per visit, higher retention rates and increased customer satisfaction with reduced clicks to purchase.

How to get involved?

Amongst the many other merchandising services available from Locayta, Locayta Site Search, Product Recommendations and Visual Merchandising come fully integrated into the Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform. To see them in action and find out more on Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® services as a whole, visit today.