Online engagement is a commonly sought after quality for eCommerce retailers – once customers are engaged with your platform and your product, conversion rates and average order values increase accordingly. Today’s post is going to look at a case study of Locayta client and stationary / furniture supplier, Paperstone, who achieved just this by setting up a new online search and navigation solution with Locayta Freestyle Merchandising.

The ability to connect your customers with your product is the first step to engagement. IT Director George  Harris at Paperstone explained, “Our previous website had no way to filter products down based on attributes. We were reliant on customers being willing to walk through categories to find what they wanted and drill into the options”; in other words customers were not connecting with product at all.  George continued, “We wanted to add much better functionality to the site improving the search engine and facet navigation. We were lookingto focus very much on the search functions so for us Locayta was a precise and cost effective solution.”


Using Locayta’s Intelligent Navigation, Paperstone’s customers are now able to drill-down into certain refinement options, anything from category, brand, price, colour, size, newness and more. Paperstone are also able to optimise different types of searches as well as specific search terms.  Locayta Balance Factor® enables Paperstone to manipulate the display of products on their site on category and search results pages to optimise and achieve their current business objectives.


The Verdict

George says that Paperstone have “seen a much greater engagement with our search in general – it’s a vast improvement on what we had previously. The technology has worked really well for us because we’ve been able to automate a fair amount of control which we previously had to deal with manually. That means our sales people can manage how they use Balance Factor rather than having to go through the development team. It gives them more autonomy and the ability to respond to market factors. It also frees up the development team up to focus on other areas.”

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